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Night Star's Journal

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Friday, May 4th, 2001
3:03 pm
I've been waiting for this chance forever!
O.K, let ne start off by saying that my screen name on something called Neopets is Healer_Yaten.
I like neopets rpgs and guilds, I really don't care about the pets.
Well anyway, yeterday I got to help out in the guild I was in's webpage.
*Sarcastic* How Exciting *sarcastic*
o.K, that's all I wanted to say.
I'm so bored I'm typing nonesense.

Oh well, here's the guild webpage-Dreaming Light
Please sign the guestbook and tell 'em Yaten sent ya!


current mood: bitchy

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Sunday, April 29th, 2001
11:01 am
Well, last night DawnDark and I watched the Utena movie. I must say that it was really really fun!
I'm going to start a new website later today, just because I'm bored *sigh* again.
I don't know what it should be about though.
I'll probably create a Haruka and Michiru site, or a Seiya and Usagi one.
I wonder which domain I should use....
I don't think I've ever been so bored.

I can't wait until later today! I'm going to get the full RayEarth series on DVD, I've been saving up for it forever! I can't wait to watch it. (Hopefully with DawnDark)


current mood: anxious

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Saturday, April 28th, 2001
10:30 am
Sorry I havn't updated in a long time. I was just so busy! (I'm glad I'm not bored anymore though...)

It turns out that Goldark was spying on DawnDark, Crydal, Gyzzdark and myself when we were at the movies. We never did confront him about it though. I think Goldark kinda lost it when Baka/Kakaru broke up with him.....
I feel sorry for him.

Well, yesterday DawnDark Magi and I all went out for luch at some cheap cafe' (I don't have money to spend on a fancy restront)
I went to te claw machine and was able to get DawnDark a tiny bear! She reallt seemed to like it! Then Magi tried it..... He one three toys in three tries! Whoa! He said it was skill, I said it was luck. (But that's how it always goes itsn't it?...)

The big question that seems to be on my mind today is-

"Will I ever get any time alone with DawnDark, or am I doomed to always have Crydal or Magi follow us around??!!"

It was fun for us all to go out together at first, but now it's just annoying!!
I'm slowly getting sick of their company. I'm positive DawnDark feels the same way.
So later this afternoon I've asked her to come to my house and watch the Utena movie with me.
It's not exactly romantic, but hey, there's no Magi to spoil the evning with his loud obnixious jokes, or Crydal to run around in little circles acting like an airplane. (O.K, they don't really act like that, but.....)

Shoot, I have to go, so I'm going to cut this entry short.
Bye Bye... Ja ne!


current mood: loved

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Friday, April 13th, 2001
4:04 pm
I updated my website today. I'm bored. School is fine, and there's nothing for me to do. I'd be happy to even work on homework right now.

Dawndark and Magi are coming over later today. Now we'll be bored together. How exciting....
I guess I should play Lunar or watch Sorcerer Hunters (again) but I'm too damn bored.

~*Night Star*~

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Wednesday, April 11th, 2001
11:34 am
Well DawnDark, Gyzzdark, Crydal and myself all went to the movies yesterday. It was fun! Then, later on Crydal said she saw Goldark there. When I first heard her say that I thought she was joking, but DawnDark believed her. Odd hu?

Later today I'm going bike riding. I wanted to go by myself, but Magi insisted on coming. We're going to be riding near some lake. Personaly I would have rather gone by myself or with DawnDark. I'm sorry to say that latly Magi's become rather annoying. o.K, let me re-phrase that, Magi's become very annoying.

I have just noticed that I have a very boring life.

Here's a quote DawnDark gave me. It's from Lunar.

"O.K Luna, I have to say, Alex may not be handsom or have a great personality by most standerds....Well....By any standerds..... "

I'm pretty sure that's how the quote went.
Well, time to watch Sorcerer Hunters, ja ne!

(By the way- If anyone has AIM my screen name is SaturnKou. I share it with Gyzzdark)

~*Night Star*~

current mood: cranky

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Thursday, April 5th, 2001
9:04 pm - Library
O.K, we went to the library today. It was fun! DawnDark and I were both in the fiction section, so I got some time to talk to her alone. But I'm such a wuss, I only asked 'how she was doing' and stuff like that. She seemed rather bored with the conversation. That was until Magi and MiHikari said they had to go. (They said it was an emergency *whatever* I have no idea why they really had to go.)
That's when I finaly got up the guts to ask her out. When I asked her out her exact words were- "Finaly! I thought you'd never ask!" My face got really red (Or it just felt hot, I dunno.)
I'm so happy! Nothing can ruin my bad mood!
Well after I asked her we looked at books for a little while, and talked about idle things.

As I said before, I'm soooo happy!

~*Night Star*~

current mood: flirty

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2001
2:44 pm - Today's events.....
Well, the trip to the library has been posponed until tomorow. That really sucks. I was looking forward to seeing DawnDark again. Did I already mention that Magi was coming with us?
Yesterday was nothing less of a complete bore, but today has been different. For starters, today I got my memory/year book. I toped in the nicest eyes catagory. (We have anual year book catagories, they're hard to explain) Not only that but it said that DawnDark and I are a couple. We arn't. We're just good friends, and I admire her and want to go out with her more then anything else in the world. (But I'm a wuss, so I can't ask her out.)
I wonder what DawnDark thought about the year book.

Later today Magi and I are going to some weird book club. I think the book we're supposed to be reading is Yume no Fushigi. Or something like that. I havn't read a page of it yet. *sigh* I have a lot of catching up to do!

I have to go, right now I'm going to upload a different picture formy livejournal.

~*Night Star*~

current mood: anxious

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2001
6:32 pm
I'm still very bored. Magi is coming over later today. He's a good friend of mine, and he's coming with us to the library tomorow.
I can't wait! I know it's only studying, but every second I spent with DawnDark seems like a dream. (Corny, I know but....)
Magi says I'm obsessed, his exact words were- "If you were preverted you'd be her stalker. Plus you hve no chance of being with her, she's got guys lined up wanting to go out with her."
I don't know if the last part is true, I know some people like her like that, but she doesn't have a line forming.
Ya, I'm so dumb, Magi is probably right, he almost always is. I'd better go now, Magi's here.

~*Night Star*~

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3:24 pm - Ahhhh...bored...
Well, I've decidde to use this journal not only for odd poetry, but also to tell about my like with *cute* DawnDark! I've noticed she doesn't really mention me much in her lj, but......

Well, I might as well start out by talking a bit about myself. My name is Night (Not really). I'm in 10th grade. I love to write, read, and draw. I'm about 5'10" (I'm very tall...) and I have short back hair and green eyes.
I've had a crush on DawnDark for about a year now (Oh my gosh, I can't beleve I'm typing this...) She seems to be a very smart, beautiful peson, and she's my good friend. Alas, she doesn't seem to think of me as anything more then a friend. :( I share an IM screen name (SaturnKou) with her brother Gyzzdark.

Nothing much happened to me today, and I'm rather bored. This friday I'm going to the library to study with DawnDark and my friends. I think it will be...well... I wouldn't say romantic but....

Yahh....I'm bored....


current mood: bored

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Saturday, March 17th, 2001
3:57 pm - Rain ~ Clouds~Stars


It's raining outside
And it's raining in here
Spatering the light away
Draining the worries
Of past-tense problem
Never Carring

Ending quicky
The harder it is
But you'll never truly
Know when it comes

Never carring
Everlasting Rain


The clouds cover the earth
Harmony folows
Yet so does death
No patturns
Always changing
Just like life


Stars shine
Like the moon
Always there
But not always seen
It's true what they say
You don't know what you have
Until it's gone
But even then you might not care
Raidient, beautiful
A seemingly endless parade
Like the sun and moon
It has it's place
Above the earth
Too far away to reach
But they still fill us with joy
Completly amazing
Always there
Until it's not seen
It's true what they say,
Always changing
Like an endless parade

Can you tell I wrote this at night when it was raining, and the sky was partialy cloudy?

*Yaten Kou*

current mood: content

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Friday, March 16th, 2001
3:55 pm - Life
A simple word
Muttered by the stream
Of power ond light

It comes for all
And yet for none
Nothing is without it
And yet nothing is truly with it

Time affects only
what we want it to
Though nothing really
comes out the same

A simple word
Meaning different things
and yet the same life
we were all given
and hope to change

O.K this song/poem is a bit harder to understand. Just think of life, what it means, and what happens in it, and hopefully the meaning of the song/poem will come to you.

*Yaten Kou*

current mood: anxious

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1:58 pm - Ways
Name the ways
To say I love you
To wisper a word
Softly in the night

Name the ways
To open the door to tomorow
To Cry out of happiness,
Greif or fright

Now think of the past
As an adventure we must take
The ways to the future are all differnt,
but the outcome is the same

Name the ways
To live your life
But don't just name
The path you come to's

Outcome will always be the same
But the ways you get to the end
Will truly build your life

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1:42 pm - Songs from Serenade

A new world full with adventure
A strange gift, that will seperate light from dark
A strong force, full of evil
The Star Dragon from long ago
Nine people destined to become the greatest heros of all time.....


Dragon Moon

Dragon Moon
Terible awakaning
From death to rebith
Over and Over

Moon so bright
You guide me
To the destiny
I don't seek

Dragon's power
Calls to me still
The wind in my face
Pulling back

The memories which encircle us
Will forever follow
The Dragon Moon
Power of before
Will not fade!

Dragon Moon
Wonderful awakning
Whose love has shown
The broken path

Bright Moon
Leading the way
Stopping the wind
Helping me onward

Star Dragon
Whose power was all
that helped me through
To the destiny
That I didn't seek
Until now

The memories which encircle us
Will forever follow
The Dragon Moon
Power of before
Will not fade!


Those are some of the songs from the story Serenade! I really like the last one! It's awsome. DawnDark (LiveJournal screen name- BreannaKou) wrote it.
Just like me she loves to write songs.

*Yaten Kou*

current mood: accomplished

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1:28 pm - Yaten Kou

In the brightly shining world of white
With your wings spread out wide, you are there
But those wings are so black and heavy on you
That you look like you're being crushed by your destiny
*I want to help you, I want to rescue you, if I can do it
I would even throw away my life, all for you...
When you're uneasy, when it's painful, I am there with you
Always keep showing to me your smiling face
I, Seiya, feel it, this wondrous feeling
I, Fighter, feel it, different from my mission
This surely is unrequited love, a station apart in the galaxy

In the cool world of red
I am the perfect soldier, and I am there
But right here in front of me you appear
All of a sudden my heart feels it's about to burst open

My longing is for only one person, my precious princess
Even destruction must occur for peace day after day...
I came flowing here to the solar system, and you too are a princess
One day I was bewitched by your smiling face

I, Seiya, feel it, this wondrous feeling
I, Fighter, feel it, different from my mission
This surely is unrequited love, a station apart in the galaxy

Piercing through the starry sky, cutting up the galaxy
The battle to decide the future
Now, if I can be at all
So that I will be somewhere within a corner of your memory
With my hair disheveled, I dance, dance, dance



That was Seiya's CD single song. I always thought it was ok. (Personly I think mine is better.
Hello, my name is Yaten Kou. I'm 16 and attend Juuben Koko (Juuban High school)
I love photography, and I absolutly hate to get sweaty.
My name means 'Light of the Night Sky'. I think it has a nice meaning.
My friends are Seiya, Taiki, and Breanna/Dawndark (From the story Serenade
I have to go, See ya later!

*Yaten Kou*

current mood: annoyed

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