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O.K, we went to the library today. It was fun! DawnDark and I were both in the fiction section, so I got some time to talk to her alone. But I'm such a wuss, I only asked 'how she was doing' and stuff like that. She seemed rather bored with the conversation. That was until Magi and MiHikari said they had to go. (They said it was an emergency *whatever* I have no idea why they really had to go.)
That's when I finaly got up the guts to ask her out. When I asked her out her exact words were- "Finaly! I thought you'd never ask!" My face got really red (Or it just felt hot, I dunno.)
I'm so happy! Nothing can ruin my bad mood!
Well after I asked her we looked at books for a little while, and talked about idle things.

As I said before, I'm soooo happy!

~*Night Star*~
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Yeah, you go! Did she say yes? I didn't hear much from Dawndark yet..
Yep! She said yes!! :) :)
Hello. Your name is in my friend list, and I dont recall where I met you. So if its not too much trouble, could you please refrsh my memory?
Ok, this may sound odd, but I was searching through random journals when I found yours. I thought it was intresting so I added you to my friends list... ^_^;;

Oh okay. That's alright with me. ^_^ Keep in touch, okay?
O.K :)
Oh, make sure to post comments in my LJ if you want. Also, tell me about yourself. You can e-mail me if you want.
Sure. I'll tell you about myself in my e-mail (I'll probably send it sometime tomorow)
Okay, that sounds great. See you then.