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Today's events.....

Well, the trip to the library has been posponed until tomorow. That really sucks. I was looking forward to seeing DawnDark again. Did I already mention that Magi was coming with us?
Yesterday was nothing less of a complete bore, but today has been different. For starters, today I got my memory/year book. I toped in the nicest eyes catagory. (We have anual year book catagories, they're hard to explain) Not only that but it said that DawnDark and I are a couple. We arn't. We're just good friends, and I admire her and want to go out with her more then anything else in the world. (But I'm a wuss, so I can't ask her out.)
I wonder what DawnDark thought about the year book.

Later today Magi and I are going to some weird book club. I think the book we're supposed to be reading is Yume no Fushigi. Or something like that. I havn't read a page of it yet. *sigh* I have a lot of catching up to do!

I have to go, right now I'm going to upload a different picture formy livejournal.

~*Night Star*~
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You like Dawndark! She's gotta know this!! Maybe you two can get together!
Ya right, she would go out with me......



April 5 2001, 06:48:51 UTC 15 years ago

she loves u too u know. be brave, ask her out!!
O.K I might as well try....
Thanks! ^_^;;
If I would have know you guys were talking about me earlier...... 0_0;;
Ahhhh....gomen nasi