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Well, I've decidde to use this journal not only for odd poetry, but also to tell about my like with *cute* DawnDark! I've noticed she doesn't really mention me much in her lj, but......

Well, I might as well start out by talking a bit about myself. My name is Night (Not really). I'm in 10th grade. I love to write, read, and draw. I'm about 5'10" (I'm very tall...) and I have short back hair and green eyes.
I've had a crush on DawnDark for about a year now (Oh my gosh, I can't beleve I'm typing this...) She seems to be a very smart, beautiful peson, and she's my good friend. Alas, she doesn't seem to think of me as anything more then a friend. :( I share an IM screen name (SaturnKou) with her brother Gyzzdark.

Nothing much happened to me today, and I'm rather bored. This friday I'm going to the library to study with DawnDark and my friends. I think it will be...well... I wouldn't say romantic but....

Yahh....I'm bored....

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