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Rain ~ Clouds~Stars


It's raining outside
And it's raining in here
Spatering the light away
Draining the worries
Of past-tense problem
Never Carring

Ending quicky
The harder it is
But you'll never truly
Know when it comes

Never carring
Everlasting Rain


The clouds cover the earth
Harmony folows
Yet so does death
No patturns
Always changing
Just like life


Stars shine
Like the moon
Always there
But not always seen
It's true what they say
You don't know what you have
Until it's gone
But even then you might not care
Raidient, beautiful
A seemingly endless parade
Like the sun and moon
It has it's place
Above the earth
Too far away to reach
But they still fill us with joy
Completly amazing
Always there
Until it's not seen
It's true what they say,
Always changing
Like an endless parade

Can you tell I wrote this at night when it was raining, and the sky was partialy cloudy?

*Yaten Kou*
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